The Benefits of Writing: Why It's the Road to Riches for Speakers

The Benefits of Writing: Why It’s the Road to Riches for Speakers

As Sam Veda so eloquently said about the benefits of writing, “Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind of anybody.” 

Whether the medium is written or spoken, words matter. Words have the power to lift a heart, change a mind, shift a perspective. As speakers, we encourage and inspire when we deliver a message to an audience. It’s the verbal exchange through which we work our magic and share our gifts. Whether in person or virtual, put us in front of an audience, and we’re at home.

But it’s not all one and none of the other. To be their best, all speakers should be writing! 

There are powerful benefits of writing that can not only be realized through the written word but the spoken word as well.

The Benefits of Writing for Speakers

Here are four reasons why:

#1 – Writing helps you develop your voice

For speakers, originality comes from personality. There’s very little that’s not already been said. 

So much information is available on subjects like leadership, communication and relationships. It’s hard to understand how there could possibly be more. But take a peek at Amazon. These are three of the strongest categories for books today. There are new titles released every single week. How can there be new information to share?

There’s not. But when existing information is filtered through the lens of one person’s unique perspective, the output is new. When you speak on your topic, you share from your own experience. The secret sauce truly is you. And being your unique, authentic self is the best thing you can ever do. (For more on the importance of being your most authentic self, visit this post next)

Especially for new speakers, writing provides a great way to discover your unique voice that will infuse everything you share with personality—allowing you to connect with the people you’re meant to help.

#2 – Writing provides a format to process your thoughts and ideas

When you are drawn to helping other people by sharing your story or message, your heart and mind are open and watching for more and better ways to impact and influence. When you’re paying attention, you’ll discover new ways to communicate concepts. Or find new stories to illustrate your points. Your content will grow and evolve as you continue to serve your audience in your niche.

(Read why sharing your story is the path to the meaning, impact, and influence in this post)

As you have new ideas or your thinking shifts or broadens, writing allows you to process those thoughts. When you put words on a page, you naturally organize and distill. You refine your thinking to its core, and you edit your message to eliminate the unnecessary and unhelpful. 

When you share your writing with your audience through a blog, articles, social media or some other way, you have the opportunity to get feedback. To see what resonates and what doesn’t seem to make any sense outside your own head. You filter your thoughts to see what makes your next speech and what lands on the cutting room floor.

#3 – Writing allows you to capture your content

In addition to processing your content, writing allows you to capture it. 

As you learn new things and grow your expertise, it’s important to save everything you can. You never know what you may use later, repurpose or reframe. Opportunities evolve, and speaking careers expand. Something that doesn’t find a home in a current speech may be the perfect piece for something else down the road.

And for many speakers, a book perfectly complements speaking and provides a natural extension to another revenue stream. There’s a reason many speakers have books to sell and share. And when your content resonates with an audience and makes a difference, people want to know more than can be shared in an hour keynote. They want to go deeper into the content and the transformation it provides. And a book provides the right opportunity.

(On the subject of writing, be sure to include these four words in the next batch of content you create)

#4 – Writing is a tool to grow your speaker brand & influence

Finally, a speaker is a person of impact and influence. Those two things fuel most speakers.

When you regularly share your content through a blog, articles or social media, you continually expose more people to what you share and teach. Not only do you have the opportunity to help more people in this way, but you grow your expert status in your field with every word. A speaker with an audience offers more value to event planners. She’ll get booked faster and have more opportunities come her way time and time again.

Beautifully crafted words DO have the power to captivate and move audiences. These benefits of writing can’t be overstated for speakers. Because as speakers, that’s what we’re all about.

Crafting your words and message through the practice of writing will always help you grow in your craft, serve more people, and deepen your impact.

Did you enjoy learning about the benefits of writing for speakers in this post?

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This post was first published in 2021 but was later updated just for you.

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