8 Absolutely Essential Ingredients Your Speaker Demo Video Needs

Your speaker demo video is like a movie trailer. It’s a highlight reel that shows an event planner that your speaking is a “must-see” for them and their audience.

Recently, we talked about the questions your speaker website needs to answer for event planners or bookers quickly. In short order, your website needs to tell viewers who you are, what you speak about, where you’ve spoken, what it’s like to hear you speak and how to book you.

The formula is straightforward, and your website doesn’t have to be complicated. A website that clearly answers these questions in a compelling way will outperform more creative and clever approaches every time.

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Why Your Speaker Demo Video Matters

Your demo video is the most important player in the “what it’s like to hear you speak” category.

And it’s truly one of the most valuable and impactful elements of any speaker’s website.

But don’t let that stress you!

As with your website, there’s a clear framework for your speaker demo video (hint: it will remind you a lot of the website framework). And as with your website, the best approach is to start where you are and build as you go.

Demo Video Basics

Before we talk about the five questions your demo video will answer for event planners, let’s talk about the basics of your video.

A two or three-minute video is the sweet spot for most speakers, especially speakers just starting out. This highlight video should move quickly, engage the viewer immediately and reflect your personality and the tone of your message or story. As you consider the content for your demo video, your approach will cover some of the same territory as developing your message.

Know your audience

One of the first things you consider when crafting your message is your audience. Who are they? What are they struggling with? What do they need? How can you help them?

For your demo video, pretend your audience is event planners. They are looking for a speaker who can solve a problem for their audience and make their event a success. Design every second of your demo video to answer those questions.

Start with a captivating intro

Draw in the event planner from the get-go with a compelling answer, a shocking statistic, a peek at the story behind your message, and a hook that captures their attention immediately and keeps them watching to learn more.

Today’s attention spans are shorter and shorter, and event planners are often reviewing multiple options. If the viewer only watches the first 30-seconds, make sure that the intro quickly covers all the basics you want them to know to consider having you speak at their event.

Close with a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

What do you want event planners to do after they watch your demo video? Whatever that is: Tell them.

Close with your contact info and invite them to get in touch to schedule a call to discuss their event. Or provide a link to your interest form below your video and tell them it’s there. Assuming your message is a perfect fit, they like your style, and your demo’s done its job, this step helps you seal the deal.

Questions Your Demo Video Must Answer

Now that we’ve covered the basics, on to the five questions your demo video will answer for event planners.

1. Who are you?

Your demo video is your introduction to the event planner. Who are you? What is your background or relevant to your speaking? What else qualifies you or makes you a speaker worth serious consideration?

2. What do you speak about?

What’s your speaking topic? Is it a personal story? A message you’ve crafted? Business expertise? Training? What do you speak about? What are your qualifications or credentials to speak on your topic? Why are you passionate about this topic? Why is this topic important and needed for the audience?

3. What is it like to hear you speak?

This is where the magic happens. Your demo video is your chance to share that highlight reel of your speaking. Your most impactful points. The bit that always gets a laugh. The ah-ha moments you bring to the audience.

The meat of your demo video is speaking footage that shows rather than tells what you’re all about—showing your unique approach to sharing your message. Make sure the demo video reflects your personality and gifts!

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4. What do others say about you?

It’s great to include quick clips of recommendations or reviews from people who’ve heard you speak. These can be quick video snippets if you have video recommendations. Or these can be on-screen graphics that share quotes from written reviews. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy segment of your video.

But social proof drives action.

And an event planner is eager to minimize the risk in their choice by seeing that others have booked you and are glad they did.

5. What are their next steps?

Finish off your video by sharing your contact info and inviting the event planner to get in touch with you to discuss their event.

If they’ve stayed with you until the end of your video, they’re interested and see a potential fit. Capitalize on the momentum by clearly sharing the next steps that are simple for them to take.

On the backend, make sure you follow up on event inquiries quickly to take advantage of their interest and get the gig before moving on.

A well-done speaker demo video can seal the deal when an event planner considers you for their event. And it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. A simple, professional video that answers these questions will do its job time and time again.

Isn’t it time you get your demo video done? What’s standing in your way? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see if I can help.

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PS. If your speed bump is a lack of speaking footage, don’t worry! There’s a simple way around that. Check out this post about how Brand-New Speakers Can Create a Speaker Demo Video the Fast and Easy Way.

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