Lori Robertson

Hi, I’m Lori Robertson, your SpeakHer Coach. It’s so nice to meet you. 😊

Public speaking can be such a heart issue for a woman with a desire to share her message or story. Helping women do just that is a heart issue for me, too.

As my mentor, Mary Graham, always says, context is everything. Nothing is meaningful without context, and the ‘why’ can make all the difference. So I’d like to tell you mine.

It all started in my final semester of grad school. I’d scored an internship at a publishing company and was offered a job when I graduated. Just a few months later, I had an opportunity at the company’s live event division, Women of Faith.

At my very first event, I was blown away. I’d never seen anything like it. The American Airlines Center filled with 18,000 women singing, laughing and learning together. 

Women of Faith event

And as I talked with some of them, I heard stories of transformation and renewal that was truly life-changing. I was hooked. And I wanted to do everything I could to help create that kind of life-changing experience for women. For the next 10 years, I did just that—booked speakers and musical artists, laid out the program, guided the messages and eventually emceed the events. 

In 2012, I left Women of Faith and moved to the gorgeous Ozarks with my family. But I stayed in the live event world and had the opportunity to travel with my friend, Lisa Whelchel as her road manager slash touring buddy. One of those events was Women of Joy produced by the amazing, heart-filled team at Phil Waldrep Ministries. As I connected more with the Women of Joy team, I had the opportunity to consult and then emcee the events, which I’ve done since 2013 (aside from 2020…ugh, covid). 

emceeing at Women of Joy

At Women of Joy, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Debbie Waldrep. I’ve watched Debbie dedicate her life to the women in the room on those weekends. She prays for them, loves on them and works tirelessly to create a weekend that leaves an indelible mark–both for the women in the seats and for the speakers who share from the platform.

at Women of Joy with Debbie Waldrep

And I noticed something I hadn’t really been focused on before. I’d always been watching the women in the seats. Women soaking up grace and love and wisdom and hope. But now, I really watched the speakers. Incredible communicators standing on the platform and using their skills and experience to pour into others so fully. And then I saw them at their book tables, talking personally to woman after woman and hearing one on one the difference they were making for these women, their families, their circles of friends.

For so long, I knew I wanted to help craft impactful experiences for the women who attended. More recently, I realized I wanted to help as many women as I could experience the joy and passion and impact of stepping into her purpose and changing the world with her story or message. Our world and her own.

And SpeakHer Coach was born. I believe every woman has something inside her that is a gift for the world. Something only she can share. SpeakHer Coach exists to help her find the message inside her, recognize its value and confidently and courageously share it with the people who need it. Through courses and coaching, I’m stepping into my purpose.

And I’d love to help you walk in yours.

Let’s get to it!

PS If you’re ready to go from dreaming or dabbling and DO this speaker thing–or take what you’re already doing to the next level, I’ve got just the thing for you! I created the SpeakHer Roadmap to lay out the path to paid speaking for women just like you. Best of all–it’s free! Hop over here to grab it and get on the list for speaker tips, training and inspiration right to your inbox.

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