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Did you know that most people are more afraid of public speaking than death? Seinfeld has a hilarious bit poking fun at the fact that most of us would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy. A little over the top, maybe. But the struggle is real. So I’m here to tell you […]

Not every speaker is paid. And speaking offers many benefits that aren’t financial. But if you dream of speaking professionally and having the ability to spend significant time and energy sharing your message, you’re going to need to be paid to speak. Today, we’re talking about 4 irrefutable laws about making money on stage. Most […]

Think of the difference perfect practice can make. That’s exactly what you get to create with mental rehearsal.

Woman with eyes closed

So my 2nd big speaking event got off to an unexpected start. But I learned a few things that can help us both

Why Falling Can Be a Good Thing: The Art of Getting Back Up

Whether the medium is written or spoken, words matter. Words have the power to lift a heart, change a mind, shift a perspective. As speakers, we encourage and inspire when we deliver a message to an audience. It’s the verbal exchange through which we work our magic and share our gift. Whether in person or virtual, put us in front of an audience, and we’re at home. But it’s not all one and none of the other. To be their best, all speakers should be writing.

The Benefits of Writing: Why It's the Road to Riches for Speakers

Is it time to go already? Is it time to take steps toward your dream of sharing what you know through public speaking? Becoming a public speaker is one thing. But actually, making money from public speaking? That’s a whole different ball game. How to Start Making Money from Public Speaking Do you have what […]

5 Things You Need to Start Making Money from Public Speaking

Does the idea of standing up in front of a group of people and talking make you want to run for the hills? If so, you’re not alone. If the stats are to be believed, most of us face the fear of public speaking to one degree or another. Do You Have a Fear of […]

On stage at Women of Joy

In 2020, the public speaking events I had booked were cancelled. A few were moved to a virtual format. Most of my live event friends were in similar boats. BUT, most were (and still are) also pivoting somehow—finding virtual options and other ways to do the work, serving their audience, and sharing their message. The […]

A demo video is for a speaker what a trailer is for a movie. It’s a highlight reel that tells an event planner if your speaking is a “must see” for them and their audience.

Public speaking is the surest path to the meaning and impact you were made for because it’s efficient, brings credibility and opens doors to more opportunity for impact.

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