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Whether the medium is written or spoken, words matter. Words have the power to lift a heart, change a mind, shift a perspective. As speakers, we encourage and inspire when we deliver a message to an audience. It’s the verbal exchange through which we work our magic and share our gift. Whether in person or virtual, put us in front of an audience, and we’re at home. But it’s not all one and none of the other. To be their best, all speakers should be writing.

The Benefits of Writing: Why It's the Road to Riches for Speakers

A demo video is for a speaker what a trailer is for a movie. It’s a highlight reel that tells an event planner if your speaking is a “must see” for them and their audience.

If you’ve got a message burning inside you and are ready to take action to get it to the people who need it, today’s blog lays out 5 steps to get started on the path to professional speaking.

For every woman who is interested in sharing her story, teaching what she’s learned and encouraging others through the spoken word, there’s one very best thing she should do: START. The fuller version of my best advice for new and aspiring speakers is this: Start where you are.

By now, you know that every speaker needs a website that quickly and effectively tells event planners everything they need to know to consider you for their events. And you know that a speaker demo video is a key element you’ll want on your website. But what if you’re new to this speaker adventure and don’t have existing speaking footage to use? You shoot some! Here’s how.

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Your speaker website is your digital “Hi My Name Is” sticker and must answer 5 critical questions for event planners.


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