Public speaking is the surest path to the meaning and impact you were made for because it’s efficient, brings credibility and opens doors to more opportunity for impact.

Wondering if you have what it takes to share your story through public speaking? Here’s a 3-point checklist to help you know for sure.

Today is Memorial Day. It’s the day we honor all who lost their lives serving in our country’s armed forces. On this special day, I’d like to introduce you to my special friend, Sergeant Ed Fox. Sergeant Fox has the honor of being the oldest known survivor of the Battle of Midway. On June 4, […]

I’ve heard it said that the opposite of depression isn’t happiness; it’s purpose. Do you believe you’re here for a reason? I do. I believe every one of us is created for a purpose. I believe we’re all given a divine assignment that’s ours alone to fulfill. And that the greatest meaning we can find […]

“It is what it is. But it will be what you make it.” — Pat Summit

Make your story matter.

It is what it is.

What’s your story? You know what I’m talking about. What story have you lived that left an indelible mark on your heart and your life? The story that’s unique and makes your life different from mine. The one that taught you lessons and left wisdom in its wake. Maybe you have more than one. If […]

We are all made of stories


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