Live Events Are Coming Back–But Virtual Is Here to Stay

This weekend, I had the chance to be part of something I’ve not done much in the last 15 months and have badly missed.

I was at a live event! And it was glorious.

I’ve recently taken a new role producing virtual events for Compassion International. Compassion is a faith-based non-profit whose work to release children from poverty through child sponsorship has helped over 2.2 million children…and counting. As a sponsor myself and a long-time supporter who believes in the mission of Compassion and the impact of the work the organization does, I’m over the moon about this new opportunity. It’s a dream come true to be back in a full-time event-focused role, connecting sponsors with the kiddos who need their help.

Friday night, my team at Compassion Live had the privilege of live streaming the Michael W. Smith concert held at The Factory in Franklin, TN. While a room full of MWS fans enjoyed the concert in person, many more experienced the event online.

I saw fans from Finland, South Australia, India, and other places around the world on the chat. Through the magic of technology, a global audience was able to join the experience. People who would have no way to be in the room for the live event due to distance, timing, cost or whatever else standing in their way. That’s the beauty of the virtual event.

I’m encouraged for a couple of reasons. And I hope you will be, too.

Live events are coming back.

We need each other. We’re built for connection and community. Live events have a unique power to connect complete strangers through a shared experience. And they’re on the way back. Depending on where you are, you may see masks, limited capacities, distanced seats. But there are event experiences available now.

And loads more are planned for the fall. Including my personal favorite, Women of Joy. I’d love to see you at one of the fall events. Let me know if you’ll be there so we can connect!

Virtual events are here to stay.

Even before covid, companies and organizations were leveraging virtual events to connect with more people than can attend in-person events. And virtual events allow for a more customized, interactive experience.

As I’m talking to event planners and producers who are excitedly planning live events for the fall, I’m encouraged to hear more of them planning virtual events as well. Either streams of their live events to make them accessible to more people or completely separate virtual events to expand their reach.

For speakers, this is fabulous news. Right now, there are more opportunities than ever before to share your story or expertise through public speaking. Whether you’re in person or virtual, there’s no better time to launch or grow your speaking career.

Your story, your wisdom, your expertise are gifts. But they’re not just for you. Someone, somewhere is waiting for what only you can share right now. Isn’t it time to get started?

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