My career has taken me from being a producer, orchestrating events onto the stage myself and now to speaker coach.

And it all started with my love of stories.

From a young age, I've been fascinated by how stories can slow down the world, touch hearts, change minds and move audiences to action.

It's the stories we remember, and 
it's the stories that change the world.

about me

My entrance into the world of public speaking was behind the curtain - scouting, hiring and coaching speakers at Women of Faith. As the producer of the world's largest women's event brand, I was responsible for experiences that would reach millions of attendees.

The world changes when you take the stage.
Your world. Their world.

"Lori's confidence and support have shown me I can be—I am!—a speaker!
I'm excited about my next steps, and I know I can do this!"
Nancy Collyer

I have witnessed moving moments when the message from the stage brought an audience of 14,000 to their feet. And I've witnessed the opposite—near-misses when the speaker missed the mark with the audience. 

My hope was that one day all those experiences could one day serve others.

As emcee for events with thousands in the seats, I've been able to put into practice what I learned from the best in the business. As a storyteller, I've discovered how to be a powerful influence through my stories.

"Lori made the course super easy to connect with, fun, engaging, exciting and powerful.
She's an uplifting soul, and I appreciated every comment she had. It was just awesome!"
Shannon Butcher

Today, I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with women of every style and niche, leading and guiding them along their own speaker path.

From finding your core message and writing your first speech to developing your speaker brand and finding paid gigs, I'm here to help with courses and coaching to equip and inspire you to share your message.

Do you know where to start?

For over 20 years, I've been the guide to speakers discovering their most powerful stories. I have worked with absolute beginner as well as professionals with years of experience. In all cases, the goal was to share their message and serve the audience.

As your guide, I can fast-track your journey to the stage while helping you avoid common pitfalls. It's your unique destination. I'm here to help you arrive sooner.

If not now, when?
Let's talk.

why we should work together

this is your unique, wonderful, messy, magnificent life.

It's given you stories worth telling &
Messages worth sharing.
 - as a speaker on a stage,
 - in business meetings,
 - at community events,
 - as an author, blogger or on video.


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