a leader is a person of influence.

leaders inspire others. they cast vision.
they drive action and momentum.

the leader's tool for change and transformation is words. Thoughts and ideas communicated clearly and effectively to drive action.

Lori Robertson offers high-energy, story-driven keynotes, workshops and consulting designed to equip, challenge and inspire today's leaders to leverage effective public speaking and compelling storytelling to change the world. One person at a time.

Effective leaders communicate clearly, driving action and results with empathy and impact.

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"Lead with Story: Your Superpower for Influence & Impact" Keynote

Leaders are people of influence, carrying the privilege (and responsibility) of making a positive, lasting difference in the lives of the people around them. Inspiring and encouraging. Sharing insights and shifting perspectives. That’s what leaders do. But in today’s distracted, remote, fast-paced world, it can be a challenge to engage in a way that fosters trust, meaningful connection and transformation.

Thankfully, there’s a way leaders can reliably connect with, captivate, and move any audience. A superpower available right now to engage and make the difference leaders can make. Stories, along with the ability to choose and use them effectively, are that superpower. Through this presentation, leaders learn why stories work to captivate and transform, what makes a story powerful, and how to collect and craft stories for influence and impact. When leaders inspire, encourage or teach, perspective changes. Possibility changes. The world changes.

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Lead with Story:
Your Superpower for
Influence & Impact

We know it when we see it. Compelling, engaging, inspiring communication that connects and moves the audience. Sadly, we recognize when it's missing, too. But what is it? What's that secret sauce that makes some leaders more engaging, connecting and moving...regardless of tenure or position? 

I call it the secret sauce. And I'm sharing the recipe with leaders who want to resonate, connect and inspire the people around them. There are 5 ingredients leaders can put to immediate use to level up the effectiveness and impact of their communication. To make the talk complete, we'll cover 3 ingredients that spoil the recipe every time.

The Leader's Secret Sauce:
5 Ingredients to Engage, Connect & Move Any Audience

15 years ago, I went from zero public speaking experience to stepping onto stages to speak to thousands week after week. Diving straight into the deep end has a way of accelerating the learning process and distilling to the real difference-makers. 

In this standalone talk or workshop, I share the:
  ● Origins of glossophobia, the fear we all feel when we step up to speak in front of others;
 ● Physical skillset to manage the symptoms of glossophobia and diffuse the body's biological fear response;
  ● Mindset shifts needed to recognize and reject disempowering thoughts and replace them with better beliefs; 
 ● 5 Strategies to intentionally and effectively cultivate confidence in your communication...for good!

Speak with Confidence: Learn the Skillset & Mindset to Overcome Fear & Cultivate Confidence as a Speaker


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