3 Reasons Public Speaking Is the Surest Path to Meaning and Impact

If we’ve known each other for more than 20 minutes, you likely know that I believe sharing your story through public speaking is the surest path to the meaning and impact you were meant for. Your story matters. It’s a gift you’ve been given–and it’s not just for you.

Throughout your life, you’ve faced challenges. You’ve probably noticed: no one escapes this life unscathed. You’ve worked hard to overcome difficult circumstances, to survive the unsurvivable, to master the impossible. And along the way, you’ve learned and earned wisdom and insights so you could share them with others.

There are people right now who need what you have to share. They desperately need to know what you’ve learned. And they’re just waiting for you to find your voice and step forward to share what you know to help change their lives. What a tragedy for them to never have the help you can provide. And even more so for you to miss the meaning you find when you use your story to help someone else.

But why public speaking?

Public speaking is efficient.

When you share your story through public speaking, you have the opportunity to impact dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of lives at once. While you can (and should!) share your story and message in other ways–writing, 1:1 conversations, on social–there’s no other way to reach more people at one time.

Public speaking brings instant credibility.

We naturally believe the person standing on the platform at the front of the room has something valuable to share. Unless they show that they don’t. We assume them to be a credible expert who has prepared a presentation that will engage us, inspire us and help us.

Public speaking opens doors to more impact.

Public speaking doesn’t just put you in front of many people who need your message at one time. Public speaking puts you in front of many people who know many other people who need your message. When you take the step to begin sharing your story and changing lives, more of the path starts to unfold. As you help, more opportunities to help will find you. You set in motion a cycle of opportunity and impact that will put you on a path to more meaning and impact than you can imagine.

Your story matters. It’s the gift you have to share with the world. And sharing it is a divine assignment only you can fulfill. Don’t keep the wisdom you’ve learned inside. Take the brave step to speak up, share your story and see what happens. Don’t let fear or uncertainty stand in your way. What if your life’s purpose is just on the other side?

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