Why Are You Here?

I’ve heard it said that the opposite of depression isn’t happiness; it’s purpose.

Do you believe you’re here for a reason? I do. I believe every one of us is created for a purpose.

I believe we’re all given a divine assignment that’s ours alone to fulfill. And that the greatest meaning we can find is in stepping into our purpose in service to others.

You have a gift for the world that only you can give.

Your story is a gift. It’s one-of-a-kind wisdom and perspective found at the intersection of your life experiences, your natural gifting and what you’ve learned along the way, filtered through your unique personality and perspective.

Sharing your story is the path to the meaning, impact and influence you were made for.

What’s possible if you step forward and share your story? What if you could use your wisdom and experience to help other people? If you could share what you’ve learned to help equip and encourage someone else who is going through a tough time? What if you could make something meaningful and beautiful and good from a hard and painful experience?

Your divine assignment–the gift within you that only you can share with the world–is needed.

There are hurting people who are struggling with the very thing you’ve overcome right now. They need to know what you know. They need the wisdom you’ve learned. They need the hope that can only come from someone who’s on the other side of the challenge they’re facing right now.

When you keep your story to yourself, you’re withholding it from the people who need it. And you’re missing out on the purpose and impact you were made for.

If you were on the street and saw someone about to be hit by a car, you’d do everything you could to help them out of its path, right? Or if you were in a building you’d been in before when the power went out, you’d help guide others through the dark, wouldn’t you?

So, why do we keep our stories to ourselves?

It always comes down to doubt and fear. We doubt that we have anything worthwhile to share. We doubt that anyone cares what we know. We doubt our ability to communicate effectively. Or to stand in front of other people and speak at all.

We’re afraid of what other people will think. We’re afraid of being judged. Of making a fool of ourselves. Of saying something someone disagrees with or takes offense to.

I understand the fear and doubt that get in the way. It’s normal to feel that way. Most everyone struggles with thoughts and beliefs that keep us quiet. But you don’t have to stay there. You have the choice to move forward. To step into your purpose.

Sharing your story is the path to the purpose you are meant for.

Here’s the deal: If you’re here, you’re needed. God doesn’t make extras. And, we’re here to help each other along. To be of service.

Your story matters. The life you’ve lived, the experiences you’ve had, the wisdom you’ve learned aren’t just for you. You’ve been given your story as a gift. It’s a gift you can share to help others. And when you help others, you find meaning and impact for yourself. You find purpose.

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